ESTATE AUCTION-Saturday, June 22nd – 9:00 AM

1354 Mirror Lake Rd. Lincolnton, NC 28092

Auctions Unlimited has been commission to sell this life long Diversified Collection at Live Auction! No way to List or Describe this massive Collection! This is an All-Day Auction–Bring a Chair

VIEWING: Friday, June 21s 10:00 AM  – 2:00 PM & Day of Auction 8:00-9:00 AM



100’S ANTIQUE TOOLS: (Some in Glass Displays)  Wrenches: Straight, Curved: Open & Closed Ends, Alligator, Adj., Multi Use, Monkey, Dble End, Plierench, Lug, RR, Bicycle, Farm Implement, Wagon, Carpenter, Manufacturers: Ford, Fordson, Giant Grips, Rowcaulk Co, Phoenix, Green Bay, Chamberlains, Efficiency Tool Co., King Dick, The Billings & Splendor Co, Wakefield Wrench Co., Bosch Ampco, Southernly, Wood, Hester Plow Co, Wizard Plow Co. Daton, Sheldon Ax Co., Hoe Corp, B&C Co, Sheldon Ax Co., Heller, Planet Jr., Standard, Diamond. Peerless, P&O, MWF,  Westcott, Keller, Chicago, Babcock, Sheldon, Malsbary, Hawk-eye, Bull Dog, Quartzoid, W. Burritt, RFP, Vulcan, Bahco. Vintage Saws: Logging (One & 2 Man), Carpenter, Buck, Coping, Harp Bow, Hack, Miter, Meat, Ice. Vintage AXES/HATCHETS: Long & Short Handle, Single & Double Bits, Hewing, etc.20+ Lots TONGS: 50+Ice: Selling in 4-6 Bundles. Lumber Tongs & Rollers. Blacksmith

Loads & Loads of Misc. Old Tools: Hammers, Pliers, Scrappers, Drawing Knives, Rasp, Files, Sockets, Vice Grips, Gauges, Clamps, Hand Saws, Wood Working Tools, Planners, Drills & Bits, Pry Bars, Mallets, Tappers, Screw Drivers, Ratchets, Squares, Levels, Cutters, Hand Drills & Augers, Elect. Fence Charger Rivet Gun, Old Oilers & Grease Pumps, Grinding Wheels, Wood & Iron Pulleys, Drafting Tools, Brace & Bits

FARM, GARDEN, FIELD, LAWN TOOLS/INPLEMENTS & SUPPLIES: (Most Primitive) Hay Trolley Harpoon Lift, Hay Lifts & Dollies, Sickles, Scythes, Wheat Cradles, Pull Broadcaster/Spreaders, Disc Harrow, Cotton Scales, Push Plows, Planters, Mule Drawn Harrow w/Seat, Turning Plow. Iron Wheel Plows & Reels, Corn Stalker, Ripper, Large & Small Iron Wheels, Flails, Wood Shaving Horse, Tractor Weights, Block & Tackle, Hoist, Splitters, Air Tanks,  Wood & Alum. Ladders, Fence Post, Auger for Tractor, Lawn Carts & Trailers, Wheel Barrows, Grub Hoes, Shovels, Rakes, Picks, Tampers, Digger, Log Chains & Hooks. Windless, Come-a-longs, Wagon Seat, Wagon Wheel Hubs, Anchor for Horse Carriage, Collars, Hanes, Singles Trees, Harness, Saddles, Tack & Grooming Supplies, Blacksmith Tools, Electric Motors, Old Vet Medical Box, Dehorners, Ear Tags & Rings. Cow Yoke. Tire Changer & Tire Tools. Tractor Tires. 8 HP Chipper, Mini Tiller, Floor & Bottle Jacks. Shop Equipment: Drill Press, Router, Vices, Wood Press, Forge, Seed Cleaner, Small Anvil on Stomp, Grinder on Stand,

MOWERS: ARIENS Riding Mower (Refurbished), Husqvarner Riding Mower, Honda Push Mower, Reel Push Mowers, 38” Lawn Sweep, 30+  OLD WOOD & METAL BOXES/TRUNKS (All Sizes).

GALVANIZED EVERYTHING: Well Buckets, Wash, Watering, & Feed Tubs, Dusters & Sprayers, Gas, Watering, & Kerosene Cans.

OLD KITCHEN/HOME Accessories, Gadgets, etc. Bottle Cappers & Openers, Ice Picks, Old Jars w/Brass & Galv. Lids, Sausage Grinders, Juicers, Canners, Cabbage Shredder, Large Meat Cleavers & Saws, Meat Slicer, Sausage Press, Pea Sheller’s, & Utensils, Cigar Cutter. Wood Churns. Wash Boards, Old Key Collection. Cast Iron: Fry Pans, Waffle Irons, Corn Bread, Dutch Ovens, Kettle, Wash Post, Smelting Pot & Accessories, Burner Covers. 50+ Shoe Last (All Sizes), Tractor Sprinklers. SCALES: Counter Top, Seed, & Platform.

OTHER UNIQUE: Claw Foot Cast Iron Bath Tub, Ship Compass, Brass: Gauges, Oiler for Hit/Miss Engines, Release Values, & Other Fittings, Old Fire Extinguishers, ARMY: Clothes, Ammo Boxes, Cots, Food Warmers, Canteens, Etc. Lincoln County Court House Seat, Antique Printing Press W/ Plates, Loads Glass Insulators Corning & Pyrex, Old Windows, Shutters, Doors. Wood Spools & Shuttles. Loads O/D Christmas Decorations Most in Boxes. Yard Art.  BUILDINGS & SHEDS OF SCRAP METAL & ALUMINIUM!

Terms: Cash, Checks only with Bank Letter of Credit, MC/VISA (3% Charge). 7% Sales Tax. Bring Tax ID # if you’re exempt.  Must Pay Day of Auction. All Announcements day of Auction takes precedent over any advertisement written or implied. Reserve the right to add or delete. Auction Company and/or Owner are not responsible for Losses due to accidents/theft before, during or after auction. Everything sold as is including real estate with no warranty expressed or implied    NO BUYERS PREMIUM!

NCAL4977            704-692-0405

 Bob Melton NCAL 166                                                       


Ronny Causby NCAL 37     


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