1st Annual Amish Auction, Sat., November 23rd – 10 AM

1783 Rehobeth Rd. Shelby, NC




The Following is Only A Partial Listing of Items that the Amish Community is Selling at Auction

Rare Opportunity– Don’t Miss this Auction!

Partial Listing – Check back for Updates:


HORSE DRAWN: Doctor Buggy w/Top & Rubber Tires, Breaking Cart w/Rubber Wheels, Horse Plows, New Idea #12 Manure Spreader, Stalk Cutter,  IH Double Drag Disc Harrow , , McCormick Riding Cultivator, Wood Chipper, Plows & Cultivators. Black Hawk 2 Row Corn Planter, Horse Drawn Disc Harrow. PARTS: Wood Wagon Running Gear, 3 Wagon Tongues, Buggy: Frame, Seats, Shafts, & Springs, Cast Iron Buggy Tire Shrinker, Neck Yokes, TOOLS/COLLECTIBLES: Log Turners, Cross Cut Saws, Hay Cradles, Scythes, Ice Saw & Hooks, Forging  & Blacksmith Tools, Hand Crank Stand Drills, Tobacco Planter, Hand Saws, Log Carrier, Wood Planers, Wood Augers, Grinding Stone w/Seat & Hand Crank, Chain Block & Tackle, Wood Hay Fork, Large Whiskey Barrels, Grist Mill, Nail Kegs, Fort Arthur Texas Co Metal Barrel, Hand Trucks,  Barrel Pump, Hoist – Chains – Tractor Seat, Wood Nail Kegs, Wood Triple, Double, & Single Trees, Tractor Seat, Wood Boxes & Crates, Gulf Refining Oil Can, Steel Wheels, Animal Cages, Ox Yoke, Reel Mower,Feeders & Waters, 50+ 16’ Wire Panels, Brass Knob Hanes, Cotton Scales, 5 Barn Doors, 50 Gal. Drum, Misc. Lumber, Corrugated  & SV Tin, 20+ Live Edge Slabs (Cedar, Walnut, Maple)  Sets Forged Hinges,  All size Iron Wheels & Gates, Barn Doors. Wheel Barrow, MILK, DRINK, & MEDICINE BOTTLES: 1923 Christmas Coca Cola Bottle, Forest City, NC; Eagle, Pepis, Tru Ade, Grand Cru, Caravan, Holbrook, German, Buffalo, Lucky Tiger, Nu Grape. CAST IRON;  Griswold Skillets Roasters w/Lids, Griddles, Bread-Waffle Maker, Wagner: Skillets, Griddles, Corn Stick Pans, Roasters w/Lids, Lodge: Star Pan, Wapak Skillets,  Favorne –Griddle, MARTIN Skillets, National (#7 & 8); Findley #8, Phillips & Buttoff Kettle,  25 Gal. Wash Pot on Stand, H & H Campfire Pie Iron, Black Hawk Corn Shellers, Lead Dipper, Sausage Presses, Wash Pots, , FURNITURE & HOME ACCESSORIES: Earthen and Stoneware– Churns, Crocks, & Jugs, Roman Eagle 6 Eye Cook Stove, Reclaimed Wood Farm Table, Spinning & Yarn Wheels, Grandfather Clock – German, Gilbert Rebuilt Mantle Clock, Antique Sq Mantle Clock USA, Singer Peddle Sewing Machine, 2 Maytag Wringer Washers – Good, Double Seated Desk, Several Oil Burning Light Fixtures, Porcelain Dresser Sets, Antique Walnut Bed, St. & Rocking Chairs, Various Bowed Front Oak Dressers, Marble Top Hall Tree w/Umbrella Stand, Children’s Chairs, Wood Baby Cradles, Handmade Doll House, Hand Turned Wood Bowls, Handmade Stars (All Sizes)—-& LOADS OF MISC. ITEMS!













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